June Newsletter

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

In 1847, Perrigrine Sessions and his family trekked north of SLC looking for a place to feed his animals. He constructed a dugout and stayed here for the winter. In the Spring of 1848, others joined him. Sessions was the founder of Utah’s second settlement, which was named Bountiful in 1855. The residents of Bountiful built a wall surrounding the areas between 400 No. and 500 So. to protect them from hostile Indians. Settling the area and constructing the wall required perseverance, determination and skill.

Perseverance to stay the course, to become a city corporation.

Determination to care for one another, to beat the unknown, and to implement change.

Skill to build a city. In 1904 water pipes were built and in 1907 power available to homes.

The skills and values the founders of our great city exemplified are very similar to mine. I will persevere to make necessary changes. I am determined to learn and listen. I am a skilled leader with vast experiences to draw from. I’m a proud resident being born and raised in Bountiful City and having raised my family here. I value our rich history and respect the city our ancestors built, the traditions they’ve established. I also experience areas we need to improve, to change in order to keep pace with the technology now driving our world. As I’ve been thinking about opportunities, I decided to get involved. To facilitate change, to take part in decisions that impact all of us and to inspire our future.

On June 3rd, I officially filed as a Candidate for Bountiful City Council. This month is a month of preparation with orientation meetings, website and campaign materials being created, and research to do. Next month I will be hitting the streets to meet you. I’ll join the Handcart festivities, knock on some of your doors, send you some emails, and try to get to know you and learn about your perspectives regarding what we need to do to continue to make out great city greater.

Help me get my name out there, share my message and get people to the voting booths. I’ll see you at the voting booths in August. Please contact me if you would like to get involved.

Have a great summer,

Natalie B. Hayes


Natalie for City Council

Bountiful, UT


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